Camelia Jones (switchx) wrote,
Camelia Jones

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A day off work...

so today is my day off work and i'm bored...

somehow i feel like something is missing from my life, and i know kinda wat it is.
but i'm not sure.

after all wat happened. i don't know if i still wanna see her again. i mean we talk and all and i tried to act normal. but the thing is that... i think i still like her and i know it's impossible between us. (or is it?) cux she still flirts with me alot, but then she always teases me like that ...*sigh* that's part of the reason i quit my job. another one is that bus fare cost too much and i don't work enough to pay for all that, esp since i m still paying rent. plus i dislike certain ppl that i work with, so ya ...

*sigh* i'm such a loser, or i really feel like one rite now. cux i really have no life.

*emo* arghhh.... i hate this.

Edit: after going out for lunch and i did alil thinking on the car. i think it's time for me to learn something new, like japanese or skateboarding
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