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This is too cold...

Woke up around 12-ish today, and volunteered at tea time from 1:30 to 3:30. though it was a good idea to grocery shop, but apparently not, cause it's so F***ing cold!!! I just saw on the news that London is -17 celcius, plus windchill which makes it -29. WTF. I was walking home with handful of grocery and it was definately not fun. Slippery and cold. I'm gonna order grocery online next time.
I went on the other day and find that their price is quite reasonable. Usually deliver in 2-3 business day and you gotta select the time when you want them to deliver. However, you must be there to receive it or they make you pay a 29 dollars restocking fee.

Anyways, just feels kinda overwhelmed by school. Exam tmr on policy, then reflection paper due on Tuesday. Review quiz on tuesday also, then i gotta think of what to say when i call the ministry of education on Vday, then need to start studying for aging and sexuality next week.
I'm looking forward to saturaday though, cause i gotta to wear my "How do you like your pussy?" shirt kekekeke

okay, i'll vent til here. later kids.

p.s. Not a big fan of winter, but this artist Kagaya drew amazing pictures.
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